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I have suspected left hydro.lap showed normal looking left tube, no swelling, 2 paratubal cysts ,dye would not enter tube at all. The right tube was swollen and distended more when dye pushed through and the right tube was removed. Based on left tube looking normal from outside, can I be assured that here is no hydro, I understand hydros can come and go and as the tube is remaining I worry it will affect Ivf…

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Marc Joseph Kalan, MD

<p>Hey there, Your concern about hydrosalpinx is valid. We know that they can decrease success of IVF. For that reason, the removal of your right tube... (read more)

My boyfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant Since mid April of this year we’ve tried everything from having sex for 9 days around ovulation time and on my ovulation date multiple times and nothing. The beginning of the relationship we had a lot of sex without condoms and well I think I took 4 plan b pills .. I don’t know if that might have a huge role to it

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Raquel Hammonds, REI, Nutritionist

<p>There is no evidence that Plan B will affect your future fertility. Because Infertility is defined as not getting after one FULL year, I would be p... (read more)

My cycle went off on the 30th of nov we had sex December 7 and he didn’t pull out and I also was in my fertile days my period came back on dec 17th what does that mean I’m pregnant???

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Marck P. Trolice, Infertility Specialist

<p>Day one of your menstrual cycle is day one of your cycle. December 7 would make you cycle day eight. Within seven days of ovulation there is the po... (read more)

I've been diagnosed with PCOS. I've Hysterosalpingogram and my tubes are open and in good condition. I just don't ovulate. I've had medication to make me ovulate but still haven't gotten pregnant. My periods seem to be off each month by a week or so. What advice can you give me that I'm able to take care of on my own?

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Tom Hannam, MD

<p>I assume sperm has been tested too? And you are otherwise healthy?</p><p>For women with PCOS (ie high ovarian reserve) who are not ovulating regula... (read more)

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