Frequently Asked Questions

These are general questions about how to use the digital platform, data privacy, how to become an expert, things like that. If you have questions for our experts about fertility, please go to the answers page!

MedAnswers has an iOS app called “FertilityAnswers”. We are not available on an iPad. Users will receive a link to download the app when they purchase and register their kit.

No, there is no fee for accessing the content or asking your own questions. All of our experts volunteer to get your questions answered.

Yes, if you have a time sensitive question, you may pay a small Rush fee for expediting the answer. We also have a small unlocking fee for the custom algorithm we create to match you to the right solution for you. Paying either of these fees are optional and you may still search for answers, ask your own question and find help for free!

Yes! We are HIPAA-compliant and do not share your data with anyone unless you tell us too. We made our app anonymous for users because we care so deeply about your privacy. It's also why we encourage our users to get off the social media sites in which none of your data is secure, and into this protected FertilityAnswers environment.

Our expert network is peer-reviewed and must meet specific criteria to be selected, including passing our scientific advisory board parameters.

50% of our questions are answered within the first 24 hours. If you have a sense of urgency in when you need your answer back, we recommend you pay the small rush fee to ensure you cna make educated decisions based on what you learn. Since our experts volunteer to answer questions, we can't guarantee turnaround time. They all work to answer around their clinical or professional work hours.

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